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Quality inkjet printing delivers direct mail marketing success

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“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” the famous quote from author Mark Twain in 1897 applies today to direct mail marketing.

The results of attracting customers through direct mail can’t be denied, according to Deborah Haskel with IWCO Direct.

Direct mail marketing facts

  • 9% response rate for direct mail sent to homes in 2018
  • 23% ROI compared to 16% for online display advertising
  • 81% of companies plan to maintain or increase direct mail
  • 76% of consumers trust direct mail
  • 135% increase in response rate with personalization, which relies on inkjet printing

With all that mail going out, industrial inkjet printers need to leverage these opportunities using digital systems that produce fast, high-quality personalized messages.

Personalized direct mail

What is personalized marketing?

A strategy that leverages data to deliver individualized messages or offers to prospective customers. It is also called one-to-one marketing.

Every best practice for successful direct marketing campaigns begins with delivering a personalized message. Everyone wants to receive mail addressed to them rather than “or current resident.” Personalized direct mail campaigns rely on variable data printing, making each solicitation unique with a name or offer. That’s something offset printing can’t offer.

With fewer pieces of mail arriving each day, that personalized offer stands out with glossy cardstock and high-resolution printing. About 57% of people say receiving mail helps them feel valued.

Quality printing makes direct mail attractive

Considerable work goes into producing a direct mail campaign.  Quality at every step is vital for generating sales.

Parts of a successful direct mail campaign

  1. Have accurate data
  2. Clearly defined target audience(s)
  3. Personalization plan
  4. Flawless copy and design
  5. A clear call-to-action
  6. Success measurement

The great, personalized offer falls flat if the printing is sub-standard. All that time and effort can be wasted when poorly-printed offers land in mailboxes.

Direct mail reflects the brand. Today, consumers are more sophisticated than ever. They know high-quality when they see it. Vibrant color and high-resolution images attract attention. The Kao X-BAR print module, for example, delivers high-resolution inkjet results.

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Capture more direct mail business

Industrial continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) have been churning out direct mail marketing for many years, but some at only 240×240 dots per inch and speeds ranging from 300- to 1,000-feet-per-minute. It’s time to retrofit aging CIJ printheads with a supercharged X-BAR print module.

photo of x-bar print moduleThe new high-resolution Samba-based Kao Collins X-BAR print module using mems technology can be easily retrofitted on printers using the Kodak Versamark CIJ printhead. Out of the gate, X-BAR produces 1,200 x 600 at 1,000 feet-per-minute. The cost of retrofitting with X-BAR print modules offers an affordable alternative to purchasing new printing systems.

Producing the same direct mail inkjet printing with the X-BAR provides immediate quality improvement for the customer and a clear ROI.

Contact Kao Collins about the X-BAR print module or schedule a demo to learn how retrofitting can leverage printing transpromo information using variable data.

X-BAR 360 | Print module and controller tour

To look around the virtual demo, use the controller in the video screen.